Capitalism Working Its Magic

I had received an invitation for free admission to a museum in the city that I had not visited before, so I accepted. I surprised my son and a friend by taking them to the Eastman House in Rochester on the way to the grocery store. As we were already in Rochester, my guest suggested that we try shopping at Price Rite in Southtown Plaza. I was pleasantly surprised as to the offerings at the store as well as the discounted prices.

Even though I would consider Price Rite a select assortment store, it still offered about everything a family would need. I did not find specialty items that were on my list but I was not disappointed since those items are not everyday groceries.

As unemployment increases and family budgets shrink, it is wonderful to see that capitalism is attempting to answer the needs of the populace. Capitalism gets a bad reputation as some people see it as simple greed, but I have a more tender opinion. Yes, capitalism is driven by profits and some people can be very greedy, but capitalism seeks out needs and desires and finds a way to answer those concerns in a profitable way. This leads to diverse offerings and creative solutions as well as improvement on already existing products and services. When capitalism does get out of hand in a negative way people vote with their feet and go elsewhere, because that same capitalism is creating a solution somewhere else.

It is a very tough time for our economy. Many of the people I love and care about are hurting. I have tried my best to help them financially until my own resources were depleted. This has changed my response to them as I now offer them moral support, love, someone to talk to, and budget coaching. Many have had to take a hard look at themselves and be humbled to look for and accept jobs that pay much less than before. Nevertheless, this humbling experience is what keeps “tuna on the table.” It is my hope that the Butterfly Budgets that I help them create will allow them to erupt from their cocoon of economic hardship into a butterfly of financial confidence.

Having a Butterfly Budget – a realistic spending plan – allows you to know where you are so you can get to where you are going. Capitalism with all its bad press is still alive, well, and working for all of us. Much like losing weight, which is simply eating less and exercising more; financial health is making more and/or spending less, both sound easy but yet are difficult to do.

Keep looking for financial ways: to reduce your spending; monetize your dream and hobbies if you are out of work or as a way to supplement your income; and SAVE SAVE SAVE.

Take care, stay well, and be safe.




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