Positives of Fear

Fear is a natural state that protects us. It keeps us from jumping off cliffs, sticking our hands into moving machines, and numerous other dangers. Fear is the way our mind keeps us safe. Fear attempts to keep us in our comfort zone.

Fear can also paralyze us. Fear can inhibit our ability to grow. Fear can keep us from facing challenges and overcoming struggles. So what would be positive about fears that stifle us? These fears can teach us where we can grow and what we need to learn. Fear can show us the areas where we need to ask for help.

If we change how we think about fear, we would recognize that some fear is unfounded – it could be False Evidence or Expectations Appearing Real. Sometimes we imagine that our struggles will be the end of us. Of course, it is possible that the worst will happen, but that should be our motivation to avoid that very outcome. What can you learn from your struggles? How can you use the struggles to identify your strengths? What do you need to learn or do to overcome the struggle? Can you overcome your pride to ask for help? Who can help you learn and grow through your struggles?

In our current economy, many people are struggling with finances, experiencing reduced incomes or volatile incomes. These struggles can teach us frugality. It can show us what is important in our lives. It can spur us to take our hobbies or interests and turn our talents into profitable ventures. It can bring us closer to the people that truly care about us. Are these struggles difficult? Absolutely. It is no fun pinching every penny but you can find the self respect, the self control and appreciation for what you already have.

If you are spiritual, don’t forget the power of prayer. Don’t just rely on yourself to get you through. We are social creatures and need to interact with others. Let’s face it, if you were meant to do everything on your own, wouldn’t you already be where you want to be?

So even though Jesus was God’s Son, He learned obedience from the things He suffered. Hebrews 5:8 NLT

Just think of it, if Jesus could learn from His suffering, shouldn’t we learn from ours?

Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about what happens to you. 1 Peter 5:7 NLT

We do need to trust our Creator to take care of us. We need to do more than hope that God will take care of us, we need to believe that God will take care of us. That does not mean we give up and wait on God. We still must do everything in our power to move through our struggle. Our Lord allows us to be troubled so that we can learn about ourselves and the world around us.

When I have upsetting events, I meditate and pray for ways to view the situation in a positive light. For example, when I was presented with a possibility of a loss of my job, I was very upset. I meditated as to how this could be seen in a positive light. I soon realized that I had become too comfortable in my job and needed to grow again and improve my skills, if not for this job, then for the next. This was just the wake up call I needed in an economy that demands flexibility and adaptability.

In the midst of your struggle, seek guidance from your mentor or coach. Then meditate on what you can learn from the situation. Be willing to examine yourself. How are you limiting your own growth? Have the self-respect to move forward and through your struggle. You might be amazed by the strength from within. Believe that God will bring you what is best for you.

Take care, stay well and be safe.




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