My Second Million – Part One

I don’t think many people have thought about this, but it is amazing how much money you make during your career. Sure, they talk about sports players and movie stars, but what about you?  I am very near my big Five-Zero birthday. I have been delving in investments for the last 10 to 15 years.  When I added up my household income for the last 35 years, it exceeded $1M. Wow, where did that money go.  It went to living expenses, entertainment, energy and everything else that we do every day.

So, I am now working on my second million.  I wish I still had my first million, but taking care of my family was well worth every penny. I really don’t have much of my second million.  I am saving for retirement and hoping to build up value through wise investing.

I’ve signed up with Twitter. I am following some investment sites to help me keep in tune with the investment world.

My sons are in their early twenties and I hope they can someday say that they are working on their third or fourth million. If you are young and working, open a Roth IRA, take advantage of your employer’s 401k plan or otherwise save for your retirement. It may seem like a time that is far off, but it will come faster than you realize.

Take care, stay well, and be safe.

 Go to My Second Million – Part Two


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