The Things We Do For Love

   I had promised my son last weekend that we would go to the movies.  He had his driving test today so I hoped that the movies would also serve as a celebration.  However, he failed his driver’s test and was certainly not happy about it.

  Those of you close to me would know that I do not like horror or scary movies.  I have a vivid imagination and I am afraid that horror images will haunt me in my sleep.  I volunteered to take my son to see Zombieland.  This movie is presented as a horror comedy.  I was hoping for more comedy than horror.  I survived the viewing.

  The beginning bothered me and my son offered me a chance to leave, but I refused because zombie and vampire movies are his favorite genre of movies.  His mother likes them as well.  I stepped out of my comfort zone, and suffered through uncomfortable images so that my son could have a great evening after a trying day.  I am not looking for any rewards, but I did think that parents do this often for their children.  The love for a child is a great motivator, a coat of armor that allows us to face uncomfortable circumstances.

   This isn’t just restricted to the love for our children.  Our love extends to parents, siblings, friends, and yes, sometimes even strangers.  This love is demonstrated by a: pastor towards their congregation; a soldier towards their country and fellow citizens; a fireman rescuing people in danger; a mother offering her favorite dessert to her children; and even a father sitting through a horror comedy for his son.  Moreover, let us not forget the love that we receive always from God.

   Whoever you are and wherever you are, know that you are loved.  Let those that love you know that you are grateful and let them know they are loved in returned.  Random acts of kindness and other acts of love surround us each day.  Take time to notice and appreciate the love that abounds.

   Take care, stay well, and be safe.




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