Food, Hope and Encouragement in a Box

   In whatever way you may be struggling, know that you are loved and that people do care.  Think about what you can learn from your struggles, because those lessons will make you a truer you.  Find the strength and self-respect that your struggles demand.

   I suggested that one of my mentees, who is experiencing financial struggles, to avail themselves of the service provided by Angel Food Ministries.  It is a ministry that provides food relief for hundreds of thousands of families across 35 states.  I had learned of them from an outreach article in a local newsletter.  I sought out information on the web and was impressed with their website and their ambition.

   The time of package pickup of food items was scheduled for today.  I did a follow-up call to my mentee to check on her experience.  She was overcome and gratefully cried because of the wonderful service provided by the volunteers, the amount of food that she received, and their caring nature.  The volunteers even inquired as to her well-being at home.  She told me that she thanked them repeatedly.

  You can explore their site at

   This was a very humbling experience for a fiercely independent woman.  It took courage and humility to ask for the help she was given, even though the providers more than wanted to help her in her difficulty.  Pride could have kept her from getting the help but I reminded her that it was the situation, not her lack of effort or ambition.  She has been working very hard to monetize her dream and her talents in an economy of scarce resources.

   Angel Food Ministries not only provided food to sustain her body, but also showed her the love and conviction of strangers who just wanted to help.  She cried because she was so touched by their kindness and caring.  Their inquiry as to her well being further reinforced their caring attitude and gave her encouragement that there are those willing to listen.

   I am very proud of my mentee, because she overcame her pride and realized that she needed help – that she could accept help.  She is an activist for her community and the well-being of others.  This experience will turn her sympathy into empathy and understanding.  This struggle will hone her inner strength and allow her to be strong for others.

   I am grateful to Angel Food Ministries for their wonderful work and the volunteers at the host site (I think it was a church).  They truly made a remarkable impact on my mentee.

   Take care, stay well, and be safe.



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