When 20+20=36

   No, I didn’t fail math and the marketers hope you didn’t either.  This  works when you approach  a sale sign that says, “Save 20% on this item! Today only, take another 20% off the discounted price!”

   “Wow,” you think to yourself, “I’ll save 40% if I buy this today.”

   So, you purchase this fantastic deal.  You check your receipt and find that it just doesn’t seem right.  But alas, it is.  You just didn’t realize that 20+20=36.  Our primo product here costs $100.  After the initial 20% discount, you pay $80.  This is simple and straightforward.  However, today, you get 20% additional discount “off the discounted price.”  That is the kicker.  You save 20% of $80, which is an additional $16 discount.  Your total discount is 36%.  The final cost of your primo product is $64, not the $60 you had expected.

   There is no deceit here; it’s just that you added the two numbers together in your head immediately, which is exactly what the marketers wanted you to do.

   This is not wrong, nor is it a bad deal.  Just be aware of the tactics that marketers use to separate you from your money.

   Take care, stay well, and be safe.


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