The Light Within

My soul is like a candle with the love in my heart being the flame.

When I light the wick of another, their light shines bright. My flame is not diminished, the light does not grow dim because it is shared, but burns ever bright. You cannot be loved less when love is shared with others because love is ever abundant.

Real love replenishes itself as fast as it is shared and becomes greater still. Real love can grow and grow until the boundaries of the universe are breached. Real love can never be exhausted. In our humanity: we lose patience; we lose hope; we lose trust; but none is lost if love is found.  For love to be found, all one has to do is look and accept that it is there.

Love is not limited unless you limit it. You must shield your eyes from the light to avoid love. You may even deny that it exists.  You may even try to extinguish the flame.  I know that the flame burns within me and shines forth to all that will accept it. Do not hide your light, but uncover it for all to see.  Share the flame of your heart to light the wicks of the souls around you, so that love’s light will shine ever brighter.

When this body can no longer hold the flame, the flame will join the stars and shine in the hearts of all those who dare to look towards the heavens. Be at peace, become quiet, listen for the whispers of angels, and feel the gentle flutter of butterfly wings. Love is ever delicate and yet a force that is strong beyond belief.

May the upcoming season be a joyous one for you as you celebrate with those who fill your life with love, remembering those who passed on and sharing warm greetings with those yet to be friends. Peace be with you and may love be yours always.



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