Moving Forward, Glancing Back

   The new year is upon us. Is it two-thousand ten, or twenty ten? I haven’t quite decided what to call it yet.  January was named after Janus, a Roman god that is usually depicted with two faces, in opposing directions. The Roman god Saturn had rewarded Janus for his hospitality with a gift to see both the past and the future.

    Many people make resolutions as a mark of a fresh start, a new beginning. This can serve as a wonderful time to make goals, to think about the future. As we move forward, lets not forget to glace back at the past, as Janus could, and bring the lessons that we have learned with us. We should use our blessings, challenges, victories and lessons as the foundation for our tomorrow.

    2009 was a year of struggle for many people. Those close to me that I love and care about deeply had a very difficult year financially and medically. But I ask them to remember the good things that came out of their difficulty. Who comforted you? Who showed that they cared? Who came to your aid? Who just listened and provided a shoulder to cry on? Who spurred you on? Who encouraged you to keep your faith and hope? What skills did you hone? What lessons did you learn? What do you appreciate now that you took for granted before? What attitudes changed? Many learned that they had many friends, family and supporters that loved and cared about them very much.

    Examine the positives as well as the negatives, but focus on the positives more.  With your new-found appreciation and realizations, you can move forward into a new year. Why not start on a new adventure? What are your goals? What do you have to do to get there?

     We learn by asking questions. We can learn much by asking ourselves questions, especially those that take careful thought and honest insight. That is how we grow and that is how we can succeed. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. I wish for and want only the best for you in 2010. May God bless you abundantly and keep you and yours safe in His love.



One response to “Moving Forward, Glancing Back

  1. I been very busy but I’m all caught up on you blog The last few blog entry’s have been a very entertaining and insightful

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