Appreciating Little Things Challenge

    As Valentine’s Day approaches, and marketing departments everywhere push their chocolates, teddy bears and cards, people are encouraged to think about their loved ones. Like most holidays, I think this one should be practiced daily.

     Take a few moments to think about the little things that people do for you everyday that show they love and care about you. It is so easy to take these things for granted and forget to appreciate them. Even regular tasks can be filled with love and often are. Someone making dinner might do it everyday because it is part of their responsibility, but there are small touches of love added. Does that person choose foods that is a favorite of one of the kids, maybe a surprise dish, a new dish to provide adventure perhaps. Yes, even the most mundane of tasks  involve love. Does someone check the oil in your car so you don’t have to? Do they change the TV channel so that you can watch your favorite show? Do you recognize these things as appreciation for you, love for you, something that says “I am glad you are part of my world.” Look for these things throughout the day and you will realize how much love truly surrounds you.

    Now the challenge: leave a comment here (if there is no comment box, click on the comment hyperlink near the top of this article) and describe what someone has done for you that shows that you are loved. You can comment on grand things as well but I ask that you concentrate on the littlest of things that someone has done for you to show you that you are loved. Read the comments of others, again, if they aren’t showing, click on the comment hyperlink or the article heading. Please accept this challenge.

   At this time, don’t write about what you have done to show someone that you care, as I hope you do many of those things. This is to help you and all of us to realize that love abounds. By sharing your examples, others will realize that love surrounds them too.  Thank you in advance for sharing.


10 responses to “Appreciating Little Things Challenge

  1. I hate organizing, especially mail. I tend to let it pile up on my kitchen table after extracting bills. An incredibly dear woman sorts through my mail, seperating pieces that have my name and address for shredding and getting rid of the junk. She sets aside mail that looks important or that might be of interest to me so I can look at them again. It sounds silly, but I really appreciate that she takes on this task that I “should” be doing but she does it because she knows I dislike it so and she loves me. Thank you ever so much. I love you too.

  2. You are so very sweet. I really do not mind organizing your mail. It is the least I can do for you since you do so much for me. 2009 was a very rough year for me and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all you did to help me through this very challenging time. I love you so very much!

    • It is an honor to have you in my life. It was a rough year and I am so glad that I could be there for you. You have grown so much through the hardships. I am so proud of how you have humbled yourself and accepted God’s help. Thank you for letting me be part of your life and allowing me to accompany you on your journey. I do love you very much. I am also very proud of the study that you are currently doing on Proverbs 31 and how it applies to both men and women. Bravo!!!

  3. There is another person dear to me who sends me a message or calls each morning just to wish me a good morning and a good day with lots of love. It seems simple, but I do appreciate this from her.
    Sometimes, after we go shopping, she will invite my son and I to stay for dinner that she makes for herself and her children. It is a nice way to show her appreciation for me.

    • I appreciate all the little things u do for me also Justin. Going shopping w/me, buying me gas, a back rub, a kiss, just spending time w/me, your phone calls, your texting, coming to visit me at the hospital everything! 2009 was a rough year for all of us but w/o u I probably wouldn’t have made it…u r so kind and consoling..wish I could do more for u!! Love you ~Laura~

      • It is easy to do things for you, not only because I love you but because you truly appreciate it and show that appreciation often. It was a rough year and I am so happy that I could be there for you. I am so glad that you are a part of my life.

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  5. My son gives me a hug when I walk in the door from work and he smiles and said HI DADDY I love that

    • Hey, you can’t beat that. Who doesn’t want to be lovingly greeted when they come home. That is what makes any place a home. To know that you are welcomed and loved is a most incredible feeling.

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