Trusting in God

   I think it is difficult for most people to trust in the will of God. I know that I must concentrate on renewing my faith when faced with trials. My workplace was just subjected to a reorganization. This caused a great deal of stress and uncertainty for all involved for a period of about a month. It was easy to get caught up in the fears and apprehensions that uncertainty can cause. It was easy to worry about a job loss in a down economy. I have to admit that I did succumb to the fear initially, but I prayed about it and decided that God would open other doors for me if this door closed.

   Prayer helped put my focus on my faith. Trust in God is a matter of faith, obedience, love, and surrender to His will. The Bible is filled with examples of men and women who balked at God’s will but then trusted Him.

   I believe the main reason we find it so difficult to trust in God during trials is that the trials don’t make sense to us or that we can’t believe that a solution is possible. We sometimes place limits on God’s power because we apply our limits and our world’s physical limits on God. Trusting starts with believing that God is capable of getting us through our trial. Trust is knowing that God will provide for us. He may not provide for us in the way we think He might or even in a way we think He should. But we need to know that God loves us. 

   Mother Theresa said “I know God wouldn’t let anything happen I couldn’t handle. I wish God didn’t trust me so much.” I know I feel this way sometimes. Like everyone else, I sometimes feel overwhelmed. I then force myself to think about how big God really is. God can handle anything and because I know that, I can turn to God for help and comfort. I know that God loves me. I also realize that just because it doesn’t turn out the way I want, that doesn’t mean that God doesn’t love me, it just means that I do not fully understand what God wants for me.

   Another important thing about trials besides teaching us to trust in God is to teach of lessons about life. God wants to make changes IN us, not just for us or around us. Trials help us be better persons, help us learn about our world and others, help us learn more about ourselves and our relationship with God.

   The reorganization is settled. I was offered a position in the new structure. I was prepared for the worst, knowing that God would open other doors for me and at least provide me with what I needed, not necessarily what I wanted, but what I needed. I feel for those that have lost their jobs during the reorganization. I hope they will find other work soon, or even start their own businesses. I hope their trial will bring many positive things to their lives.

   It is easy to trust God during the easy times, but the true test of faith is to trust, love and rely on God during the hard times. God loves you. He has a safe place in His heart for you. May your trials open the heavens so that you may receive the wisdom and blessings that await you.

   Take care, stay well and be safe.



One response to “Trusting in God

  1. The awesome thing about God and those whom He touches, is that it is all spirtual synchronization. Thanks Justin, and of course, I am back to blogging and you are my feature.


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