Another Chance, A New Beginning

   The Holy Days of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday are fast approaching. These days are a fulfillment of promises made in the Bible.

   Good Friday acknowledges that Jesus is our redeemer. I know as a father, if I were presented with a situation where the choice was between my son’s or my life, I would gladly offer mine. I love him that much! I know that Jesus loves me just as much. That is why He took my place on the cross and gave His life for me so that I could have access to heaven and be with Him.

   Resurrection Sunday represents Jesus’ victory over death. A demonstration that death is not just an end but marks a new beginning in a glorified state. His appearance after His death reassures us that this gift is real.

   The redemption afforded us should remind us that God is patient. God waits for us to come to Him. God is always ready to forgive, all we need to do is ask. You and I will always have another chance. Jesus lived as a man so that He could redeem us and have a first hand experience of temptation and pain. Jesus lived for me and He died for me and then conquered death for me. What an amazing gift He gave to me, one that I do not wish to squander.

   Every morning, every moment can be a new beginning. Blessings abound and if we have the positive mindset and the right heart, we can view the world and see that the blessings are apparent. Jesus’ pain and suffering is a blessing, Many of us know that it is in our own brokenness that we find God and the inner strength that God gives us and oftentimes we don’t even know that we have. When all seems lost, we find God to lean on. God just isn’t there during our trials, but God is also there in our triumphs.

   You can have another chance, a new beginning and so can I. Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday remind us each year of the love that God has for us.

   I hope you will take time to contemplate what Jesus did for us. I hope you take into account all the blessings you have received and will receive. I hope that you will find solace in the love that surrounds you.

   Take care, stay well and be safe.



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