Adding by Taking Away

   I just said to someone I love that my goal is to add to their life. Then, for no reason I can fathom, it was revealed to me that I add to lives by taking negative feelings and negative beliefs away.

   These are some of the ways that you can ADD to someone’s life:

  • Take away the cold and damp by giving them shelter and a warm embrace.
  • Take away loneliness by showing them friendship and caring.
  • Take away the fear of rejection by showing them that they are loved for who they are now and their potential to come.
  • Take away idleness by showing them a vision they can obtain.
  • Take away their despair by giving them hope and encouragement.
  • Take away their anger and frustration by understanding their point of view and providing different ways to see the same situation.
  • Take away their feelings of worthlessness by demonstrating that they are valued. God doesn’t make junk!
  • Take away their depression by offering love, support and understanding.
  • Take away their poverty by teaching them to monetize their talents.
  • Take away their feeling of “being lost” by giving them a safe P.LA.C.E. in your heart.
  • Take away sadness by providing joy and situations where it is easy for one to choose happiness.

   How many other negative feelings and negative beliefs can you think of to take away that will add to one’s life?

   I hope you have added good to someone’s life today. I hope someone added to your life today. God bless you.



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