Festival of Charred Flesh

WARNING!! This is not my usual fare for this blog. This is me having a bit of fun. I wrote fantasy stories when I was younger and woke up the other morning inspired to write this one. Please read it to the end. Your first thoughts might betray you about this story. I hope you have fun reading this. It also goes to show how powerful words can be and the images they create, and how the eyes of the beholder may perceive something completely different.

Festival of Charred Flesh

The Sky Watchers gazed into the dishes that reflected the near heavens seeking the intentions of nature’s forces. The Sky Watchers speak with authority but when their words proved untrue, their defense was that nature deceives and practices trickery. The feast day approaches and the Sky Watchers speak of rain, yet many are undeterred.

There are those that abhor the eating of flesh, calling those that do “murderers.” Yet, those that are killed were bred to be killed just for purposes as these. They are killed quickly; their flesh cleaved from their bodies. Sometimes their flesh is ground with the flesh of others.

On such feast days there are great battles. Warriors fight to invade land and conquer defenses. Even though most do not participate, they become part of the battle through the magic of the far-sight boxes.

The feast celebration begins with the building of a great fire that will cook the flesh of the dead. Some of the flesh may even be offered to the dogs of the feast goers. Bread is shaped to match that of the prepared flesh. Concoctions and mixtures of grain, fruit and sweetened water abound. Festival salad and deserts are prepared and served. The Feast of Charred Flesh has begun. The preparers boast of their skills to warm the flesh, seasoning and bathing it in flavors to excite the palate, careful to pour off the blood that sometimes accompanies the package.

The feast ends early as the promised rain spoken of by the Sky Watchers begins to fall. Grab the hamburgers, hotdogs and steaks. The party continues indoors with the far-sight box bringing forth images of battles, where warriors fight for the right to battle again.  Some say that any day is a good day for a cookout and a football game.



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