It’s A Dad’s Life

My niece sent me this video link. I think it is great. Thank you so much, Angela.

 Now, my opinion has always been that any man can be a father, but it takes a special man to be a Dad. Any man can be a Dad, whether he has had children or not. Being a Dad isn’t hereditary, it is a relationship, one of love and acceptance. It is a relationship where the child feels safe.  To me, being a Dad means protecting, loving, accepting, caring for and providing emotional support to a child. A Dad is not a sperm donor, that is a father, a Dad is so much more. If you are a father, I hope that you are a Dad too, your children will appreciate that more than you will ever know. There is so much magic and love in a hug accompanied by the words, “I love you, Daddy.”

Anyway, here is the video. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. A one, and a two, and…….



One response to “It’s A Dad’s Life

  1. You are so right. You are truly a great example of a wonderful father and Dad!

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