Kitchen Project 2010

   I am currently working on a kitchen project. I first moved to this house in July. It is my opinion that that two most important rooms in the house are the kitchen and the bathroom. The kitchen was dull and I wanted to liven it up. This was not only to make it more beautiful for myself but also as an act of love for my new “family.”

   I think this project has done and is doing much to bring my wonderful lady, my son and I together as a family and making this house feel like a home. I believe anywhere can be home. Home is where you are loved and accepted. Home is where you feel safe and protected. But this creates a feeling of home because we have each shared in creating its beauty.

   Theresa, my girlfriend, has lived on her own for a long time. She is not accustomed to have other people in her house. My son and I are demonstrating that we want to contribute to making the house a comfortable and beautiful place to live.

    The kitchen is full of cabinets, which I really didn’t realize how many until I marked the doors. The cabinets were white and the walls tan. It was very subdued and drab. We painted the walls a sunny yellow and the cabinets a lime green There are 23 cabinet doors, all painted ultimate white in high gloss. 22 of those doors will display some type of painted art in the center, each door unique amongst the others.

    This is also my plan to create wonder and beauty in the kitchen. I am painting each door using stencils and some free hand strokes. You are most welcome to visit the growing photo album here:

   Kitchen Project 2010

    I hope that you take time to involve others in projects around your home. Do not view it as a chore but as an opportunity to connect with ones you love. It is a great way to learn about aspects of a project, build skills, build confidence and a great source of therapy. I know I am enjoying this project. I have a lot of painting left to do. Check the photo album for additional pictures. There are 22 doors and 3 panels to be painted to complete the project.

   Take care, stay well and be safe. With much love, Justin.



One response to “Kitchen Project 2010

  1. Justin….Thank you so very much for adding so much beauty and wonder to my life, for truly making our house a home, and most of all redefining family. I love you so very much!

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