Looking Towards the Unknown

As much as some of us like to plan, the future is filled with unknowns. We cannot know exactly what is going to happen, when or even where. We have dreams and make plans but the unfolding of those will follow their own course. Sometimes we want something so much that we lose patience and end up grasping at something that may be within reach but we just aren’t ready for it. We may not be ready for the responsibilities and the consequences that accompany that which we grasp for.

Timing is important in obtaining the goals or things that we wish for. We need to keep in mind that God’s timing is perfect. Not only must we be ready for that which we desire, but that which we desire must be ready too. Alternative fuels have been around for a long time, but the nation hasn’t been ready to consider them until now. You may have broadened your education in a particular area that has not yet taken off yet. Persons moved west during the 1800’s to pioneer and homestead, some were ready but others were not. The ones who are pioneers make ideas and situations ready for the rest of us to benefit.

It is good to plan and to dream, but be aware of where you are now. Be present in your surroundings. There are clues to your future all around you. Maybe you will learn about something new that piques your interest. Maybe you learn a new way of looking at something that is old hat to you that makes it newly exciting. Look for inspiration and don’t limit your dreams or your potential.

The future is an unknown landscape. I do have plans and ideas but I know that life is full of surprises and challenges. Challenges can either stop you or empower you to move ahead, it is your choice. Challenges are part of the unknown, the fruit of the future. We need to be challenged. Have you ever felt triumph over something that wasn’t a challenge? The stiffer the challenge the deeper the victory. We all have challenges and I am forever impressed by those who have come through difficult times. You can see confidence and self-assuredness in them, and often gratitude and faith in God and for those around them who never gave up on them.

I don’t know what your future will bring you tomorrow, next week, or next year. But I hope that you will be alert to all the opportunities and blessings around you. I know there is a straight and narrow path to God, but  life’s path is filled with curves, corners, hills and forks in the road. Walk with me in this adventure called life. I would love to see you reach your full potential and reveal the loving gifts that you have to offer the world.

Take care, stay well and be safe.


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