Lines on the Road

I was driving home from a family gathering during a snowfall, not quite a snowstorm but not a gentle fall either. It was the kind of snow that stuck fast to the road. This is unpleasant to drive in on its own, but it was on a winter evening and sunlight had faded away hours before. The roads were not unfamiliar but even so, the lines were hidden by the snow which meant I had to guess where the lines might be; every once in a while, the lines appeared through the snow to guide me.

Our path in life is like this. We have signs to follow, paths to take, lines to guide us. Sometimes these lines are obscured by happenings in our life and at other times, we simply ignore them. There are also times that we see signs that are unfamiliar or that we may misinterpret.

We have guide books as well. One is the Bible. It guides us and provides us with lines and paths that we can choose to follow. We have had many wise men throughout history that have passed their wisdom onto us. It is up to us to look for this wisdom and use it. We have other guides in our life, those who we respect. I hope that there is someone like this in your life.

There are times we come to crossroads and complicated intersections. It is sometimes difficult to choose the right path. Sometimes it is even difficult to know which path is the right path. That is why we must observe our surroundings, study the alternatives, and attempt to make wise choices. If we take a wrong turn, then we must learn from our mistakes and seek a better path.

Just like I needed the lines on the road to help me navigate on my journey, I need guidance to travel the paths in my life. I need to ask for directions and if my experience allows, provide direction to others. I am sure that I will make many errors, but I know that there are signs that will help me find my way. Life is an incredible journey, just look for the lines on the road.



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