A New Year’s Resolution – What a Waist

   2011 has snuck quietly in tiptoeing into my life so that I didn’t notice that 2010 had gone. Time does fly. It seemed that 2010 was only a couple of months long. My girlfriend has resolved to lose weight for her upcoming daughter’s wedding in November. I am not thin by any means, so my son and I have agreed to support my girlfriend and make this a family project.

   My focus is reducing our calories in such a way that we do not feel deprived. It is amazing how many calories are packed in such little edible objects, especially little morsels that taste so good. I am calling on my creative powers with a bit of prayer to organize meals that might just pass for filling. Right now, it looks like a lot of vegetables and chicken in our future.

   A few weeks ago, I invested in a Wii Fit balance board. I am still trying to get the hang of the games. I have never been athletic, not even mildly. I spent my physical education classes hiding in the library. However, I have the mindset that I will look dreadfully silly while trying to learn to balance myself on the board so that I can play my way to fitness and have fun laughing at myself.

   I like to walk but the problem is that I live in upstate NY and it is cold, and wet, and snowy, and cold. I know there are colder places, but this is more than cold enough for me. Luckily, the Wii will allow me to walk in place for a while. I will definitely walk outside when the weather permits.

   If you made any resolutions, or resolved not to make resolutions, I wish you success and perseverance. I pray that 2011 will be a wonderful year of blessings, opportunities and that I end the year a bit on the lighter side. Have a blessed year!


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