Let the Savings Begin

In an effort to be more financially fit, we began our trek into couponing in earnest today. We bought a coupon organizer with a coupon of course.  Today we saved $36 by combining store sales with coupons. Hopefully, we can figure out how to be effective couponers without taking up to much time. The extreme couponers that we saw on television seemed to spend inordinate amounts of time on the process. I do not foresee us whittling down a shopping bill from $200 down to $6 using coupons, but I do hope that we can lessen our overall expenditures.

I believe that our economy is healing, but that the recovery will be slow. I think it is a good opportunity for all of us to look at our finances and do the best we can to work towards financial fitness. This also includes small extra payments towards credit debt and increasing savings.

May this be a successful year for you. Let us not forget those that are struggling in the economy and try to help others the best we can, with money, time or other resources. God bless all of you.

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