Daily Archives: February 1, 2011

Experiencing Time

I have noticed over the past weeks the varying degrees that time has sped by me. My mornings go by so very quickly. I arrive at work at 8AM and when I look up at the clock it is already 11:30. It only seemed like a few minutes. Then there are those afternoons where the clock seems to take days to get from 1PM to 5PM. I haven’t quite figured it out. I realize that I am getting older and that time moves more quickly as we age. I think that might be because we lose the magic and wonderment of it all. Children are learning and experiencing new things all the time and those same things are old hat to me. I remember when time crawled so slow it was agony to wait 10 minutes.

I often lose track of time when I am in deep and interesting conversations with my girlfriend. A hour will pass by in what seems like a mere 10 minutes. I also experience differences in my perceptions of time when traveling. When driving to my sister’s home in Maryland (315 miles away) it takes a long time. Yet when I am driving home, it seems so much faster. I think it is just the idea of heading towards home.

I know that there are 60 seconds in every minute and 60 minutes in every hour. Like you, I only have 24 hours in my day. But I wish sometimes there was a way to slow down the time, especially to savor those moments of pleasure and joy.

Thank you for your time in reading this. Oh my, look how late it got to be. There I go again. Take care, stay well and be safe.