Missing My Butterfly

Laura enjoying the splendor of Corning Glass Works

It has been a year since Laura A. Verdow Santelli had passed away (February 20, 2010). On this anniversary of her death, I began thinking of the attributes that I missed most about her.

What I miss most is her smile, so wide, when she saw me. I miss how easily she laughed, even at the corniest jokes. I miss her playfulness and her free spirit and sincere affection.

I also miss how she cried into my shoulder when she expressed her frustration and fears about her finances and health. I miss that because she trusted me enough to make herself vulnerable in that way. It made me feel needed, respected, and loved.

Laura had a very loving heart. She adored her children. Her needs were simple and she thought more about what other people needed and less about herself. She was not perfect, of course, but her positive attributes far outweighed any negative traits she might have had.

Of course, Laura is in a better place now. She is in the presence of God. I know that she is looking over her children. I know that she is at peace and pain free. I look forward to seeing her when I pass on.

I miss you, my butterfly. The time we had together was a precious gift. Take care and know that I will always love you.

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One response to “Missing My Butterfly

  1. this is so heartfelt and lovely. thanks for the post 🙂

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