Self-esteem is the extent of what value you hold in yourself. It isn’t bragging about how great you are, but knowing that you are worth a lot, that you are accepted and loved. It is not something that is given to you, that is where the self part comes in. You need to believe in yourself. It is knowing that you are not perfect and being honest with yourself that even if you don’t do one thing well, you can do many other things well.

Others can encourage you, cheer you on, and push you to excel but self-esteem isn’t whether others accept you or not, as the case may be, but that you accept yourself. If you are bombarded with negative comments, belief in yourself can insulate you from the barbs. Think about all the things that you do well. Are there things you want to improve upon? Are there things you want to learn? It is up to you.

Unrealistic expectations and relying on others for acceptance can exasperate self-esteem by causing you to be much too hard on yourself. Goals should be broken up into steps so that one accomplishes a step at a time. This builds self-confidence, an ingredient of self-esteem.

Many of us feel like a coin stuck in the mud. We don’t feel valued. Like that coin, we have intrinsic value and it is up to us to shine. Others can dig through the mud, apply some polish and make you sparkle, but that is merely uncovering the value that is already there.

The point of this article is that self-esteem comes from within and is not given to us by others. You can be esteemed, and you can esteem yourself. So many people look for acceptance from others without truly accepting themselves. I know that there is a hidden gem within you and its brilliance will be a light upon the world. Let your light shine.

One response to “Self-esteem

  1. Thank you for laying it out like this!!!! I have a student that needs to read this! Hopefuly it will go along with my words of encouragement and sightings of her strengths and capabilities in action

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