Judgment Day May 21, 2011 – NOT!

The rapture and its accompanying earthly calamities did not occur on May 21, 2011. I am not surprised.  Mark 13:32 KJV tells us that Jesus said “But of that day and [that] hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.” According to bible.ca there have been 242 and counting predictions of the end of the world, dating as far back as 44 A.D. and as far into the future as 2047, as well as the ever popular “soon.”

It is purposed that we are not told, for if we knew, wouldn’t that just allow us to be misbehave until the impending time? I do believe that Jesus will come again and the prophesies of the end times are beginning to take shape. We have instant communications around the globe. The Gospel is reaching every corner of the world. Isreal is a nation again. Jews are flocking back to Isreal. But still, I have no idea when the end times will occur. It could be tomorrow or hundreds of years from now. Several other prophesies have yet to be completed, such as the rebuilding of the temple.
I fear, tough, that this has been a tragic day for the followers of Harold Camping. I read some reports that some of his followers sold their homes, quit their jobs and drained their bank accounts in preparation for and advertising of Judgment Day. I am concerned about those who sacrificed their financial well-being for this cause. However, if I read correctly, Harold Camping held on to millions of dollars. Not only should this damage Mr. Camping’s credibility but unfortunately it damages the Bible’s legitimate message. For those that do not understand the danger in Mr. Camping’s musings, it represents that the Bible is not dependable, even though numerous prophesies have been fulfilled.

I pray that the followers of Mr. Camping will be able to recover from this tragedy of faith in a man claiming to know more than the Son of God. I do not yet know how Mr. Camping will explain away his failure to accurately predict the day and time of the return of Jesus. I do hope his followers will go to their Bibles and see for themselves that yes, they do have to be ready, not at any particular time, but all the time.

I am sure that Harold Camping believed every word he spoke. He made a similar prediction for September 1994. I am hoping that he will take God’s word for it that he cannot know. While we are all still here, I wish you happiness, safety and much love. Take care, stay well and be safe.

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