American Idol – Happy Father’s Day

As always, I think there is a difference between a Father and a Dad. My father became more my Dad in my later teens. When I think about some of the special things that Dad’s do, it makes me smile. Dad is the one who chases away the monsters who live under your bed. Dad is the one who coaxes you up the ladder but holds his arms out reassuring you that he will catch you if you fall, while your Mom frets for your safety. Dad is our family and spiritual leader. Dad represents authority that is loving, gentle, strong and sturdy. Dad teaches us to take reasonable risks. Dad makes us believe in ourselves. Dad is the wonderful balance to our Mom. Mom is delicate, nurturing, safe. It is the influence of both parents that loan balance to our lives.

When Dad is in our life when we are young, we tend it idolize him. That is not altogether a bad thing, because of what Dad represents to us. When Dad provides for the family, we are free to play and learn, not worrying about where the next meal will come from. Dad and Mom help to insulate and protect us.

My father is gone now. He died five years ago this weekend. He had a difficult time saying “I love you” until his final weeks, then the words came easy. I love him deeply and miss him very much. Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads, past present and future.

I am attaching two video clips, A Real American Idol and The Box.


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