Good doggie

First let me apologize for being away from the blog. I took an 8 day vacation on the road to visit family and have been tremendously busy with work since.

While I traveled, my sister took care of my dog, Soda. Soda is a Bichon Frise. He was my father’s dog and I promised to look after him after my father passed on.

Pets, in general, are very beneficial. There are those that do not have pets because of allergies, see pets as unwanted responsibilities or as destructive and messy. But, pets can provide companionship, hours of entertainment, act as a sounding board and be a focus for our love, attention and caring. Pets can also serve as protection, or at least as alarms to alert the owner of an outside presence, danger or alert others to the need of help.

Certain health benefits have been discovered by the presence of a pet or pet animal. In general, owners have lower blood pressure which puts them at a reduced risk for heart disease. Pets can safeguard against loneliness and depression. Pets, cuddly ones, can be excellent snugglers. This is one reason nursing homes encourage pet visits to lift the spirits of the residents. Pets can also provide exercise, especially if they need to be walked or require play. Pets can increase social contact because a person walking a dog can seem more approachable by giving people a reason to stop and talk.

Even though you may not be a pet person, realize the importance they can have in many lives by providing unconditional love as well as health benefits. Yes, my dog can be a pain sometimes, excessive barking or if I have to clean up after him, but I love him still. When he sits beside me on the couch inviting me to pet him, it is easy to scratch his head and say “Good doggie.”


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