Ouch! My leg!

A week ago, I noticed some pain in the back of my left knee and then very soon in the calf of my left leg. I had been busy working in the warehouse and thought I had just strained or pulled a muscle. The discomfort increased each day until I asked my director, on Friday, for permission to see a doctor as I was concerned that I was doing further injury to myself.

I was sent to the company doctor. Although I had convinced myself that I had suffered a muscular injury, I was surprised when the doctor told me that I had a blood clot. My primary care provider was called and it was decided that I should go immediately to the hospital emergency room. The hospital performed an ultrasound to determine whether my blood clot as close to the surface (superficial thrombophlebitis) or deep in my tissue. Fortunately for me, my blood clot was near the surface, although very painful, not life threatening.

I have read warnings before concerning deep vein thrombosis (DVT) during long airline flights, but had not given it much thought during this episode. However, if you have leg pain accompanied by swelling and redness, do not hesitate to have it checked out. Hopefully, you will not have DVT because this condition can release a blood clot into your system where it may interfere with lung and heart function.

I am receiving treatment and following doctor’s orders to rest and elevate my leg. I guess that I means I will be around to write more articles. I want to thank all the medical people who cared for me as well as all those who sent me wishes of a speedy recovery.  Many thanks go to Theresa and Brandon for giving me much comfort and aid while I recuperate.


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