Retiring Overseas?

I am very blessed to still be working. Even though the company I work for is still doing well, I have still seen cost cutting, job consolidation and restructuring. I hear reports about many companies making profits, but are these top line profits or cost cutting that improves the bottom line? I hope both and wonder how much more cutting and consolidation can be had.

My investments are in mutual funds and ETFs. I even played commodities a bit but have since gotten away from them. My savings have taken a hit but are recovering somewhat. I love my work but the sense of permanence, which probably was never wise to have, is not as strong as it once was.

I have been exploring the possibilities of retiring overseas as a way to garner more from my savings. I have read some very interesting articles about Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Thailand, India, Northern Spain, Ireland and some others. I have been most intrigued by Thailand because of its low cost of living and reportedly friendly citizens. I have actually been thinking about India for a while, as I would like to help the widows that are there in some way, but that is another story.

As much as the cost of living is an important aspect of all of this, I still wonder about the political stability, religious tolerance or lack thereof, language barriers, and learning the etiquette of a different culture. What seems almost natural here could be insulting somewhere else. For instance, pointing with your finger in Thailand can cause offense, whereas here it is hardly noticed. I am willing to learn another language and culture. I think that would be part of the fun and adventure. But what about leaving behind my friends and family? What about my grandchildren (when I have them)?

But there is also food and medicine to consider. Is the water safe? Are there adequate medical facilities? Are my maintenance medications available? Is there a good infrastructure of roads and transportation? There is so much to consider. I believe I would visit the area first for a few months just to make sure it is suitable before arranging for hard ties to another country. Or maybe my retirement home isn’t overseas but just over the next hill. Anyway, it definitely has me thinking.

Have you ever dreamed of living overseas?

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