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It’s Your Attitude

l have an attitude, and so do you. We all have an attitude.  We carry it with us everywhere we go.  It is a culmination of our life experiences mixed with present circumstances and flavored with our mood and thought.  If someone tells us that we “have” an attitude, it usually refers to a negative attitude.  Nevertheless, we always have an attitude.  I hope that yours is usually positive.

We don’t always realize how much our attitude affects others and even the way things come to us.  If we act negatively all the time, it brings those around us down.  We don’t get the positive outcomes that we hope for.  A negative attitude will even feed on itself, which is where we get the phase that misery loves company.  If your attitude is not positive, you just may garner someones’ sympathy, but only for so long. If you do not stand up for yourself, others may become weary of holding you up. I might try to cheer up the grumpy gus if I could or at least annoy him or her with a cheerful smile and heartfelt gratitude, but even I grow weary of someone who delights in their own misery.

If we have a positive attitude, it lifts everyone up, or at least annoys them.  I am all for annoying the naysayer.  They always seem to think I am up to something.

When I do find myself feeling down or turning negative, I try to examine my way of thinking.  Just putting a different spin on things can help a great deal.  If I am doing a task that I really dislike, I think about what positive things will come out of my completing the task.  We can defeat negative feelings by re-thinking the situation.

Having a great attitude will serve us well.  When we think and act as if we have abundance, it will surely come our way.  This is part of the law of attraction. Have an attitude of gratitude by counting your blessings.  We all have things for which to be thankful.  When we place too much value on things that we don’t have, we sometimes forget to value the things that we already have. The grass may seem to be greener on the other side of the fence but it still has to be mowed. If you envy someone for what they have, you may not be aware what they went through to get it. They may even be surrounded by many material things but yet you might not know that they drowning in debt and loneliness.

Buddha said, “Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn’t die; so, let us all be thankful.”

Remember that attitude matters.  It matters to those around you and it should matter to you.  It reflects who and what you are inside and I know that you are a wonderful person.  Who are you to deny such a gift from the rest of the world? Choose to be happy.

Take care, stay well, and be safe.


Leaving it up to God

My last two weeks have been very eventful. Things seem to be going in every direction and leaves my mind to wandering. A few weeks ago, we were looking for something to watch on Netflix streaming. We chose “Up in the Air”, a movie about a hatchet man starring George Clooney (which I think was the main driver in Theresa picking this movie). Little did I know that I would soon be experiencing the same type of situation last week. When I got the email to attend a meeting and viewed the other participants, I just knew it was a termination committee. Of course, this layoff was not based on my performance but on reorganizing the structure of the company. I basically took the role of the poor soul receiving George Clooney’s character’s straight forward pronouncement.  I felt bad for the others that received the same email that day as well. It was a very sobering day for all of us.

That was the Wednesday before last and the day before my vacation was to start. I looked forward to the time off to be able to assemble my thoughts and decide on my options. On Friday, we drove from upstate NY to Durham, NC so that we could attend an Eagle Scout Awards ceremony. Although I have never been involved in Scouting, I nevertheless understand that it took a great amount of effort and dedication to achieve such an award. It was a very happy moment and a wonderful distraction.  Upon returning from NC, I applied for five open positions within my company both locally and at other locations, deciding that relocation was a viable option. I am quite hopeful for re-employment. Even if I am not successful, I know that I had, at least, tried.

I suppose that I would consider myself an optimistic-realist. I learned a long time ago that I control very little in my world other than my own reactions to it. Because I know that I don’t or can’t control the world, I have very little in the way of expectations. I do hope that things go well but I know that as long as I do my very level best and leave the rest up to God, I can be proud of the man I see in the mirror, regardless of the outcome.

I know people who like to “control” everything, some intimately. I have always noticed that they are frequently frustrated, worried and upset because the rest of the world is not following the “script” that they have so graciously supplied. I was one of those people, maybe it was my nature, maybe it was because I became the “man of the house” at a very young age, maybe because I was just simply immature. I think the Army changed my mind. In the Army, I wasn’t my own person anymore, I was United States government property. I was told when to sleep, when to wake up, when to eat, when to use the toilet, when to stand still and when to march. As terrible as that may sound to a fiercely independent person, it is there that I did much maturing. I could either deal with it or fail miserably.

I am not in control of what happened to me in the last two weeks. I am in control of how I handle it. I discussed the possibility of long-term unemployment with my family. I got out my unemployment plan. Everyone should have an unemployment plan, even if you are currently employed, not just for unemployment but for long-term disability as well. Basically, what would I do if I became unemployed today and could no longer bring in an income? It is actually best to do this while you are employed because you will have more clarity of thought and emotions are quiet.

I saw an interesting sign on a church marquee, “Faith gives you the ability not to panic.” I like that. I will wait for the eventual outcome of this, knowing that I have reacted rationally and with the best intentions. I know I am not in control. I know that I and all people have free will. I am subject to the consequences of my decisions and am subject to the decisions of others.

God will open doors for me. I have to pay attention and not only look for those open doors but have the faith and courage to walk through them. I have tried my very level best and will continue to do so. I will leave the rest of it up to God. If you are also looking for work, look for the doors that are open to you. Humble yourself to walk through doors that may lead to opportunities never before imagined.

Take care, stay well and be safe.

P.S. When I went to YouTube to see if I could find an appropriate video, God took me directly to this one by Tracy Lawrence called “Up To Him”. I listened to it twice and I cried. It so much speaks to what I am going through right now and how I feel about it. God is truly amazing. The sentiment in the song as to working as if it is all up to me and pray as if it is all up to Him is what started my tears. I believe this song speaks to many of us. Enjoy the video.