Free Time, Where Art Thou?

Have you ever felt that there just isn’t enough time in the day? I would be very surprised if you didn’t. I often wish I had more time. But, then I realize that I actually do have time, but that I am just too exhausted to enjoy it.

In our high stress, go, go, go world, it is difficult to find time to relax and even when we do find time, we tend not to relax. But then we have time savers, right? You know, the technology that was to bring us so much leisure time that visionaries a century ago were convinced that work would be a hobby.

I have access to computers, email, barcode scanners, electric pallet jacks, smart phones, forklifts and lots of other labor saving devices. And this means (drum roll here) that I can do even more than ever before, and expected to do more. Oh well, so much for the leisure time my ancestors predicted for us.

Many very helpful sites recommend that you do a time inventory, prioritizing time and scheduling “me” time. Actually, I think this is excellent advice. Learning to say no to additional obligation creates free time as well.

So how do you spend your free time? My ideal “me” time is to sit silently and read or meditate. I don’t mind watching TV either as long as it isn’t mindless drivel. There really are quality programs on TV if you seek them out.

I will admit that my favorite leisure time is that spent with family away from home with no actual itinerary planned. I just enjoy my family as we meander through the day. I do not consider this wasted time but an opportunity to spend time with the ones I love. I love the time spent conversing, laughing, walking here and there. I think we all enjoy the change of scenery. It is very satisfying.

Do I have free time? Yes, I do. I suppose the better question would be is how do I choose to spend the time I have?


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