Fashion Tells a Tale

I am fortunate to work in an area surrounded by international businesses and educational institutions. When I shop at the local Walmart, I see people from so many different cultures. This is mostly displayed by the women in the store. I have enjoyed seeing what appears to be Muslim, African, Asian, Indian and Jamaican dress. Although these are traditional by nature, it is the everyday western dress that intrigues me. Does dress reflect personality? I believe it does sometimes, but sometimes I think it is just trend following. I see some who dress very well, not necessarily fancy, but with pride. Many others I see dressed as if they truly do not care, and probably don’t.

I’ve seen outfits that involve spikes and rings and chains adorning tattooed skin – I think, is that outfit designed to keep people away, to intimidate? Maybe they do reflect their personality but I can’t help but think that they are hiding their true selves, even from themselves.

I also see more and more instances of pajama wearing. I suppose it is comfortable attire, but I wonder if it is really appropriate as street wear.

My son likes to wear t-shirts with skulls. I am not sure why. He says he likes them and maybe he does. I know that he has a good heart so I find it confusing that he wears “dark” clothing. I probably just don’t ‘get” it.

Ever since Adam and Eve realized that they could not truly hide from God, they hid psychologically inside clothes. I believe their nakedness was that they felt vulnerable to the knowing of God. Clothing helped to hide themselves and placate their shame of disobedience.

So what do you think? Do our clothes reflect our personality? Do they just shelter us from the elements? Does fashion really matter? I am not sure, but it certainly is interesting to view the fashions that exist.



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