Past and Forward

New Year’s always brings about thoughts of a year gone by and a year of opportunities ahead. There is always a struggle between “what was” and “what can be”. Some of us want things the way they were, and others look forward to revitalizing what is. Of course, everyone does a mixture of both. Oh the “good ol’ days”, what if they were here again? There are those moments that I wish for simpler times. But then I realize how much I have now and the blessings that I would have missed. I am thankful for all the gifts and challenges my life has provided. I have learned a lot from both, especially from the challenges. The most precious of these are my relationships, and those relationships are full time jobs and I need to keep working hard to keep them vital.

A new year lies ahead. I am determined to revitalize my attitude concerning my new position. I am confused about my responsibilities but determined to do the best. We never can really rest on our laurels. We must continually work towards a better tomorrow, and if that better tomorrow is already here, then it is our responsibility to keep it vital.

Our lives and our culture is a constant mixture and battle between “what was” and “what can be” while we live in the “what is.” Our past has had many good points, some worth continuing and rejuvenating such as chivalry, personal responsibility, respect for elders and authority for instance. But we also must have the courage to move forward, maybe not with a different message, but delivered in a different way – one more relevant to the expectations of the audience. Contemporary Christian music comes to mind. What was once relegated to hymns is finding popularity in every music genre, including hip-hop. I am impressed with the ingenuity of the artist to provide such uplifting and positive messages in such a variety of formats.

I am looking forward to the opportunities of this new year. It is my hope and wish that the New Year brings to you many blessings.



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