Staging a House

Our house went on the market this week. I took a vacation for the week and ended up spending some of it “staging” the house for sale. The initial staging was to produce the profile pictures for the listing. My job was to de-clutter and de-personalize the house. I watched several videos on youtube and real estate sites to learn what I needed to do for the staging. Buyers want space, so the less there is in each room the better, especially the kitchen.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most important rooms in the house when it comes to selling. I had spent 100+ hours last year beautifying our kitchen, not for sale, but because I wanted to add beauty to our home. I spent several more hours beautifying the dining room. I am actually going to miss this house now that my artistic creations are part of the home.

Since we will be moving, packing up many of the things that define us is really preparation for the move as well as for staging the house. I hope that the new owners will appreciate the art that I added to the house, but if not, there really isn’t much I can do, except maybe offer to buy the cabinet doors if they demolish the kitchen for remodeling.

The bathroom has laminate counter tops. The edging had broken away and I could not find the right pattern to match it nor could I find edging that came close. Theresa had suggested metal moulding to go with the 1950s look bathroom. I couldn’t find that either so I applied wood moulding. It came out so much better than I expected. The stain came out a little bit blotchy, which was great, since it aged the piece. After it was attached, it looked as if it had been there all along. This was my first adventure in the cutting and installing moulding. I will definitely be using it as a decorative tool in our next home.

I am looking for a house with a solid structure and just awful décor inside. I can change the décor to surround Theresa with beauty. We are looking for a house that speaks to us, that invites us to make a home.

Selling the idea of home is the whole purpose of staging. Staging is to depersonalize the space so that the buyer can better imagine their possessions in that space. Of course, my definition of home differs, as you may well know. I want our next house to be a place of comfort and respite, a place away from the rigors of life. Calming colors, colorful plants both real and artificial, and lots of natural light make our house more of a vacation spot than merely four walls and a roof.

Not all the homes we have seen have been staged, but I have no problem imagining our possessions or potential for space or décor. God gave us all imaginations, some more than others, but some to all of us. When we were children, our imagination was endless. We believed in magic. We could envision almost anything. Our God is one of endless possibilities. God has staged the world for us. Dare to imagine, dare to dream.


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