Open Doors

After writing about tarrying a bit in my last blog, my body had succumbed to a viral infection that affected my sinus and upper respiratory system. After long days and short nights or at least restless nights, my immune system weakened and opened the door for the virus.  The virus took advantage of the opportunity presented to it. Apparently, I needed to tarry a bit, rest and get better. I did, I did and I did.

There is an old adage that says that when God closes one door, He always opens another. I have no doubt of the truth in that but not all doors are opened by God. Some opportunities arise on their own and it is up to us to be led to and choose the right door. We should look for opportunities and take advantage of those that are good for us. But, just like in all things, we must examine what is right and good for us. Just because we have an opportunity, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is good for us to take it.

Someone close to me, who had been out of work for a while, had an opportunity for a job and accepted. She was quite excited but soon felt that the work didn’t seem “kosher.” Although it wasn’t illegal, it went against her sensibilities. This fact nagged at her. I first recommended cautious acceptance, at least until she could learn more about the job. She may have just misunderstood the concept. She later decided that the job did not “fit.” She was uncomfortable with it. It didn’t last long anyway. Although the door was open, it was not the right door nor the right choice. Even if the job did work out, she felt very uneasy about it and I would have recommended that she look for something else.

Sometimes doors are open and we don’t even realize it. Many people wish they had a ministry or wish they knew what their purpose was. Maybe you are right where you need to be. You have an opportunity to be a fine example of whatever is being asked of you. Usually attributed to Francis of Assissi, “Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary, use words.” The door is always open for us to be a good example and to be uplifting. Even if you are waiting for an open door, use the opening you have right now to be the best person you can be, regardless of your stance on religion or spirituality. And even if you aren’t where you want to be, maybe you need to be here to get there.

Meditate on your circumstances to decide if you have chosen the right door and ask for guidance to choose the next door that opens. You never know what might be on the other side, but you can still attempt to make the most prudent decision possible. It is good to seek counsel, because our decisions, even when they seem objective, are still based on our own accumulation of experiences and knowledge. Seek wisdom from others, not because they are right but will test their opinions against their own experiences which may give you further insight.

I hope that you will always find open doors and that they will lead you to your full potential. So when God knocks on the door of your heart, it is your turn to open the door and say “Welcome. I know you are here, always were and always will be.”

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