Taken Too Young

I would have entitled this ‘Taken Too Soon’, but as I am not the Lord of Time, it is not mine to say when is too soon. Last weekend, Theresa’s nephew passed away suddenly. He suffered a medical malady throughout his life. Although this malady restricted our culture’s expectations of this young man, he touched the lives of very many. During the viewing there were hundreds of people who paid respects to the family. There was a steady stream of visitors for four hours. His mother told Theresa that her son knew each one of them.

In this young man’s life, he made an impact on many individuals. He always greeted everyone with a smile and a big “Hi.” He lived in the moment. He loved movies and excelled at remembering the dialog. He loved live music. And he loved to dance (see a video of him below). In his short life, he taught those around him to accept that which cannot be changed and enjoy the moments as they come.

He died much too young. A few months ago, a young girl passed away from cancer. She passed much too young. I still do not understand why medical maladies afflict those so young. I never will.

These young people teach us that life is uncertain, that the end can come at any time. They teach us that we must appreciate the time that we have. That time is fleeting and that our life is precious. Our life should not be wasted on things that waste our time or does not help us grow. This is a lesson that that we all can appreciate. Thanks Matt.



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