Checkin’ Out Walmart

I am not sure if this happens in most Walmarts but I am getting frustrated with 22 checkout lines and only two cashiers on duty at 6PM. There are self-checkout stations, but I rather use a cashier.  There is one Walmart in a busy area that replaced all their self-checkout stations with 20 items or fewer speedy checkout lines. That certainly helps.

We do have wonderful Wegman stores that carry just about anything grocery you can imagine. They have plenty of employees and lots of customer service.

As a frequent shopper at Walmart, because it is more convenient when trying to squeeze lunch and shopping into one hour, I noticed the growing impact of their inventory reduction program that started as early as 2006. By 2010, I could tell that there was much fewer lines being carried. Sometimes the shelves were empty. My family began to shop more at Target, Aldi’s, Save-A-Lot and other discount stores. We do spend less at Aldi’s and Save-A-Lot but there are things from Walmart that I cannot get at the other limited inventory stores.

I was not surprised when Walmart announced that they were going to beef up their inventory. Now it seems that the product is back, but the cashiers are missing. I still like Walmart but I am getting more and more frustrated. I do not think I am the only one. I have witnessed customers running out of patience and leaving their carts by the line and walking out.

I realize that business is about making profit, but without good customer service, they will lose the profit that they covet so much.

A Save-A-Lot recently opened in our town. The management there is doing their best to anticipate the needs of the locals. They offer dry cleaning service drop-off and pick-up. I really admire the business partnerships that they are building to create more customer service.

As I said, I do like Walmart, but their concentration on the bottom line, in my opinion, is costing them much more than they think they are saving.

Just my two cents and I decide where to spend it.


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