Heat of the Day

Karg emerged from the cool cave. The heat of the air smacked his face. There was a breeze but it provided no relief. He gazed into the purple sky. “No clouds in sight today”, he thought to himself. He could feel the burning rays from the three suns, Gan to the West, the twins, Lar and Kor to the East.

He checked the earthen oven for the panne bread he placed there yesterday. It would be baked by now. That was one advantage to the heat. He needed no fire. The grasses were dry and the brook was dry. The rainy season was at least four moons away. When Gan, Lar and Kor hung lowest in the sky, every now an then Yijr, the moon, would appear brilliantly orange. It was a truly beautiful sight to behold.

The panne bread was done. Karg gathered the loaves and returned to the cool of the cave. Along with the mushrooms that grew throughout the cave and the worg fruit from the last rain season, he enjoyed a simple meal with his family. A cool breeze moved by their table, the air cooled by the underground springs.

It was a great way to start the day. Now to wait for the heat of the day to pass. Karg found it hard to get motivated by his chores for the day outside when the spring pool seemed so inviting. But Karg knew his duty to his family. He was a provider, and a good one. Just a little while longer and he could face the heat of the day.


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