Marketing Christianity

   During my long commutes to and from work, I listen to a good amount of Christian broadcasts on normal radio and satellite. I find the various messages very interesting, especially the various interpretations on the same theme.

As expected, I hear marketing efforts for numerous churches and ministries. Some messages promote Christianity as the end all of all problems. Even I may be guilty of this occasionally. As pleasing as that sounds, it just isn’t as simple as the marketing would like you to think.

Joining a church will not suddenly make all your problems disappear. In the proper circumstances, it will surround you with people who care and provide emotional, spiritual, and sometimes tangible support. As it any endeavor, it takes courage to step away from the familiar, humble yourself and establishing new relationships. It takes time to establish new routines.  It takes time to gain wisdom and maturity in any new line of thought. We are naturally impatient so we may give up on good things sooner than we should. Then again, not all changes are good for us and we need to be attuned to that as well.

Another very popular marketing theme is the name-it-and-claim-it philosophy. I am not sold on this. I do not think that God is my personal butler or concierge that awaits my beck and call. I hope not. I hope that my God is much bigger than that.

As in all life, each day is filled with choices. It was every choice that we made that got us where we are. It will be choices that we make today that will determine where we are tomorrow.

I am not implying that all marketing of Christianity is bad, but as in the retail world, let the buyer beware.

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