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Opportunities from Crisis

The Chinese word for crisis is wei-chi. Wei roughly means danger and chi is part of the word that means opportunity. Even though there are arguments that this translation is inaccurate, it still makes for good argument for positive thinking.

At the time of this writing, I see no lack of crises. Each day I hear of new financial, budget and career crises. My employer, as well as many others, are “right sizing”. As much as this might make business sense, it devastates the workers that are let go, and greatly increases the burden on those left behind.

So, are there opportunities in this crisis? Quite simply, Yes. If you are one of the survivors, there is an opportunity to demonstrate established skill sets as well as picking up new ones. Management may appreciate out of the box thinking as necessity is the mother of invention. Tasks can be streamlined by dropping non-critical steps.  Survivors have the chance to really shine.

For those that were let go, it is their opportunity to examine their gifts and talents. While they look for employment for available jobs, they just might start their own free-lance business. There have been many stories of persons who have monetized their hobby, whether it be cabinetry or home crafts. Other potential jobs involve house cleaning, writing, errands, and decorating.

Sometimes, it is crisis that brings out the best in people. During natural catastrophe, we have seen people show great courage and compassion. I once wrote of the Fukishima engineers that stayed in contaminated areas to keep the nuclear reactor under control. Their courage and determination inspired me. I am sure inspired others as well.

We also have a history in this capitalist society to profit from crisis. It is crisis that inspires inventors and businessmen to see needs and create products and services to meet those needs. In our own personal crisis, we discover what our true strengths are. We may even uncover a passion that we didn’t know we had.

If you are experiencing a crisis, look for the opportunity that may be hidden within. Opportunity often presents itself in subtle ways. We need to always look for the potential in every situation, even those that cause us the most stress.

Sweetest Day

While viewing Facebook, I saw an entry for Sweetest Day. Honestly, I do not ever remember hearing of this day before a couple days ago.

According to, a Cleveland candy company employee, who sought to bring cheer to orphans, shut-ins, and those struck with illness or disabilities, founded Sweetest Day in 1922. It gained such popularity, that the City of Cleveland officially declared the third Saturday in October as Sweetest Day. A regional observance, it is celebrated mostly in the Great Lakes area but is gaining wider distribution as people move about the country.

Over the years, the idea of spreading cheer expanded to include friends and other appreciated individuals. Gifts are the same as one would give for Valentine’s day.

I was surprised that I had not heard much about it before, as the website claims that it is observed in the city of Buffalo, which is just 45 minutes from where I live.

Even if you missed it, like Valentines, it should be something that can be celebrated anytime during the year to show the ones you love that you are mindful, appreciative and thankful that they are in your life.

My Mommy Said

In 2010, a woman close to my heart passed away. She would have celebrated her birthday yesterday had she been alive. I was thinking of her, remembering that her children were the most important aspect of her life. She, like most moms, always tried to guide her children in the right way to go.

As if by coincidence, Mom-isms played on the satellite radio. I not only imagined Laura saying these things, but I know my Mom would say them too. I’m sure you might remember your Mom saying some of the things as well.

The song I heard was sung by Anita Renfroe, but this video shows the lyrics quite well.

From Youtube, this is The Mum Song.