The Privilege of Voting

The Privilege of Voting

If you are registered to vote, then please vote. Democracy works best when everyone participates. You may not agree with what the government does, but if you are not part of the process, then you are letting others make important decisions as to whom your leaders will be.

Of course, even if you are registered to vote, you have the freedom and choice to refrain from voting. Some countries have penalties if you don’t vote, and some even have penalties if you don’t vote the way you are told to vote.

I will not try to sway your decision one way or the other. How you vote and if you vote is entirely up to you. It really is your choice. I am going to vote. If the candidates I vote for do not win, I still know that I participated in our democracy. Democracy is not perfect but it is better than a dictatorship or monarchy.

Our freedoms are vast. We can choose to practice whatever faith we choose, even if we choose no faith at all. We can cross state borders without checkpoints or travel papers. We can purchase whatever our budgets will allow (and then some). Our potential and opportunities are much more plentiful than in many places.

All these freedoms are maintained by our democracy and the men and women who fought and died to protect it.

Regardless of whom you might vote for, I urge you to exercise your privilege to participate in this great experiment called democracy.


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