Exploring Belief

During the last few weeks, I have been attending events at a Unitarian Universalist fellowship. I did not really know what to expect from a fellowship that embraces all beliefs but has no real core doctrine of its own. Although this movement had its beginnings in the Christian faith, this particular fellowship seems to have a humanist slant.

I had the pleasure to attend a speaker event that is held monthly featuring local organization leaders which highlights education of a social need, social justice issue, or exploration of a current event. I enjoyed having the opportunity to explore a current topic and having a meeting of the minds afterwards.

I did attend one of their regular services. The speaker, being sensitive to encompass the varied beliefs of the congregation, gave a diplomatically safe sermon with accompanying readings and singing. I was also very unsure what the symbolism and ritual represented.

As a pseudo-religious group, I believe it may act as a path in one’s wanderings of belief.  Most people who seek religious or faithful fellowship also seek direction. The Unitarian Universalist espouse that each person should find and then follow their own belief system. While there is nothing wrong with that, it does not provide the direction that most people seek.

I enjoyed the exploration of others beliefs and attitudes, which lead to better understanding. This exposure to other ideas is strengthening my own convictions and beliefs which are doctrinally Christian. The other attendants felt free to express and listen to ideas. I did find that refreshing.

I will probably return for the monthly speaker event and possibly their building bridges events. These give opportunities to explore and share cultural ideas.


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  1. Hey cutie from a girlfan keep up the fab writing

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