The End of the World

Yet another End of the World date has come and gone. But a week ago, the world did end for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. The world of the victim’s families, neighbors, and friends were shattered.

The question is how do we stop this from ever happening again. I am not convinced we can, but I am convinced we certainly can try. The shooter gained access to guns, not through any commercial means, but because they belonged to his mother. How do you stop the use of guns that might be illegally obtained?  I am glad that it has brought attention to the need to provide more services for the mentally ill.

Our culture is becoming more violent overall. Our media presents us with violence all throughout the day with shows, movies and commercials. Violence is not new to media. Even ancient texts recount violent circumstances. What I think is different now is that violence is more prevalent and sometimes celebrated. The overall effect is the devaluing of life, a desensitizing. There is a disconnect between ourselves and the lives of others.

The tragedy at Sandy Hook is disheartening and heart breaking. It does, however, give us the opportunity to explore the effects of mental illness and cultural influence on our citizens. Not only is mental health important, but strong family ties of love and support are equally important.

Please appreciate those around you. Show the ones you love that they are not alone or isolated. The loss of these precious lives should remind out how special life is, and life is special. Life is an incredible gift.


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