Webster NY Christmas Eve 2012 Tragedy

It was the day before Christmas,
And all day on the news,
A gunmen had ambushed,
A fireman’s crew.

In the dark of the night,
The gunman did light,
The house where he lived
And a vehicle in sight.

A neighbor did call,
they called 9-1-1,
Never dreaming that first responders
would be met by a gun.

The firemen answered,
As a firemen should
To fight the fire
And save what they could.

Four fireman were hit,
Two of them dead.
What was wrong with this gunman?
What was wrong with his head?

The crews were pulled back
to wait in a safe haven.
As the fire spread from one house to the next
until the number of homes with fire was seven.

Neighbors were evacuated, the area secured.
A gun battle with police, then the gunman was dead.
He ended his own life,
with a shot to his head.

A terrible tragedy, some terrible news,
Where was God in all this, and where was He not.
The day before Christmas, turns white into blue.
Questions, more questions as to why and why not.

On December 24, 2012, a 62 year old man set up an ambush on firemen who responded to a fire that was set by the gunman around 5:30AM. This tragedy comes soon after the Sandy Hook incident. While arguments and discussion of gun control still are fresh, this is another heart breaking tragedy. This event took place in Webster, NY, less than 40 miles from my home.

The two fireman killed were: Michael Chiapperini and Tomasz Kaczowka.

The two fireman injured are: Theodore Scardino and Joseph Hofstetter.

These are brave men who showed their heroism again and again to fight fires and save lives. Our prayers go out for them and their families and to the community as they deal with the loss and injuries created by this tragedy.


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