Help Wanted

I have seeing more and more of these wonderful words posted in windows in stores, restaurants and shops. I am sure these are not six figure jobs, but they are jobs. They may even be part-time, but they represent opportunities for those wanting to work.

I believe that the unemployment picture for the US, as well as the world, is going to grow slow over the next year or years. We are a nation of entrepreneurs. We are also a nation of consumers. Even when we try to consume less, we still consume more than most. Even so, it is good to see signs of employment recovery.

My son is looking for work, as his seasonal position just ended. Although, his employment was temporary, it provided him with a good experience and some pocket money. I am very hopeful that he will find something very soon. I have been looking through the want ads with him. There are entry-level jobs and highly technical jobs but not much in between.

If you are looking for work, then I hope that you find something that ignites your passion, or at least pays the bills. Be on the lookout for those signs with those two little words: Help Wanted.


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