Healthy Laughter

You have probably heard that laughter is the best medicine. There is truth in this statement. There are many benefits of laughter, and the best part is that it is mostly free. You might buy a movie ticket to a new comedy or pay to see a comedian, but mostly, you can harvest laughs around you. You might even laugh at yourself. I know that I sometimes laugh at myself.

You might know people who easily laugh, both at themselves and the absurdities of life. Spend time with them, their laughter is contagious. Count your blessings, it is easier to be positive and enjoy life when you don’t concentrate on what you don’t have. And if you are one of those who laughs easier, feel free to ‘infect’ others with smiles and laughter. You will be exercising their souls.

I find that laughing allows me to see situations more realistically. Often the crisis of the moment won’t matter at all months from now. Adding humor to the situation may help keep it from becoming overwhelming.

Sharing laughter helps us keep our relationships fresh. It usually strengthens the bonds that we have with others. It can help heal resentments and hurts. I enjoy laughing with Theresa. We watch romantic comedies, silly Bollywood movies and comedy shows. Sharing laughter helps us relax, attracts us to each other, and adds joy to our lives.

Trigger the release of endorphins often through laughter. Endorphins are your body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Their release promote an overall sense of well-being. This release of endorphins has also been known to reduce pain. Laugh every day and laugh often.

A turtle was walking down the street when he was mugged by a gang of snails. When the police officer asked him to explain what happened, the turtle admitted, “I’m not really sure, it all happened so fast.”


One response to “Healthy Laughter

  1. cranstonholden

    good turtle joke

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