Monthly Archives: May 2013

Where’s my signal?

I was traveling with my wife over the past week. I was surprised of the disparity of cell phone and internet service that we experienced. I am accustomed to having quick internet and strong cell phone signals. At our last stop, we were very near the crown of a mountain top in Naples, NY, we were beyond cell phone signals unless we went to the apex of the hill. I am guessing that cell phone towers were on the north side of the mountain and we were shielded. The Inn owner had satellite service but the rain caused pictures to scramble and internet connections to drop. I was much more interested in the internet connection.

After visiting a winery, we stopped at a small café in Prattsburg, NY. The café was one store front along a long row of businesses on Main Street. My GPS announced that there was no data connection. The waitress of the café verified that this town had no cell phone service. I was amazed.

This is in stark contrast to Intercourse, PA in Lancaster County. This land was filled with Amish farms. Amish buggies and wagons were moving up and down the road regularly. We stayed next to a bank where we saw the Amish park their buggies and walk up to the drive up window. The driver held the horses while the female passenger safely climbed aboard. I found that akin to holding open the car door for my wife. We drove out to the country to see the sights. We were in the middle of Amish farmland. Surrounded by farms, we had 4G LTE signal.

I depend on my Android GPS when we travel away from home. I find it quite useful. It took me a while to move into the cellular age years ago. I was not an early adopter. I now find it a valuable tool. It is a great source of information. I feel safer with it as I can call for help wherever I am (as long as there is signal). I have used it to call in a downed power line that was lying across the road. I have used it to help others contact help. It definitely has its positive uses.

I arrived home today. I have lots of signal. I found my signal is where my heart and love is, in my home.

Set that Goal

Over the last few weeks I have been deep in refreshing my mind with goal setting books and ideas. One exercise that I performed was the writing of my obituary. I am not dead yet, as far as I know. The purpose of the exercise was to explore our goals for our lives. Ask most people about their goals and you will usually receive very general answer like; ‘I want to be rich.’; ‘I want to be successful’; or ‘I want to be happy.’  These are fine dreams but not very definite. The obituary exercise was to explore what you want people to remember about you and your impact on the world. What legacy do you want to leave behind?

It is best to set a definite goal. And even more importantly, to write the goal down. Writing it down makes the goal real. It doesn’t matter how big or small the goal might be, you need to decide that you want to reach that goal. Brian Tracy, motivational speaker and writer, in his book Goals, says that he wrote a goal on paper to earn $1000 per month (at a time when that was a lot of money), and that launched him on the road to success. I wrote down my goal. It felt good. I read it over and over again.

Now the part that makes it work. You must believe that you can reach the goal – that the goal is already yours. You need to see yourself already attaining that goal. Then, through persistence and focus, work towards the goal each and every day. Decisions must be made with your goal in mind.

Having a goal gives you purpose and direction. It allows you to live with passion. Knowing where you want to go helps you identify opportunities. And don’t limit yourself with your goals. Ignore your tendency to underestimate yourself. Set the goal as if there were no limits, no obstacles, nothing out of reach. With persistence, obstacles can be overcome.

The obituary exercise was quite enjoyable. I just hope I won’t have to use it any time soon.