Proverbs 32

Many are familiar with the Proverbs 31 woman. Proverbs 31 is a mother’s advice to her son as to the qualities of a virtuous woman. Often thought as oppressive by many persons, it really shows how strong and capable women are and can be. I have heard it asked what kind of woman would submit herself to a man like that? How about a Proverbs 31 man? A woman would gladly follow a man who loves her, respects her. When she is confident that he is always looking out for her best interest. When she knows that he will do what is best for her even when she fights him.
There is no Proverbs 32 in the Bible, but Dr. Bob Wenz wrote a Proverbs 32 passage assembled from verses found elsewhere in the Bible. I do not have permission to copy his work here. But a copy of it can be found here: Proverbs 32
Another version is taken from the first 30 books of Proverbs. This version was written by Jerry Woodfill and can be found here: Proverbs 32 Man
Both of these writings follow the spirit of the Proverbs 31 outline. This man walks with integrity and humbly with his God. He makes it his ambition to lead his household with love and understanding. He loves his wife as he loves his own body, treating her always with respect and compassion. He strives to be worthy of respect and honor. He works diligently to provide for the daily necessities of his family. He does not lead an unproductive life. He is generous and giving. He is temperate, self-controlled, gentle, and not quarrelsome. He takes care of himself so that he can take care of others. His wife appreciates him and he makes her very proud.
I truly believe that both of these principles are within the reach of everyone. They sound too good to be true but it doesn’t mean that we still cannot strive to attain these kinds of respectful relationships between couples.
Proverbs 31 shows a woman who is not only capable in her home, but in business as well. She fully utilizes her talents and her husband not only supports her but encourages her, just as she encourages him to be all that he can be. So is there a Proverbs 32? No, but if you read between the lines of Proverbs 31, you will find the kind of man that makes a Proverbs 31 woman fully appreciate everything God means her to be, just as she makes a man fully appreciate everything God means him to be. Proverbs 31 isn’t just about a virtuous woman, it is about a woman who not only is everything she can be, but has a man who loves and supports her. It is also about the love, care and support that she gives her man, her family, and her community.
I am very proud of my wife and I want her always to be proud of me. Proverbs 31 has been the foundation of our marriage. It is more than a simple set of verses, it is a set of goals to be sought each and every day.


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