Redirecting Your Mind from Overload

I am sure you have had the feeling before of being burned out. I think it is worse now in our society than before. There are so many more stresses now. Both my wife and I are feeling the increasing demands of our workplaces as resources become scarcer and deadlines are moved up. It creates just as much mental exhaustion as physical.

Mental exhaustion can leave you too tired to sleep as your mind keeps racing and continuing to work on issues when you are trying to sleep or rest. I believe it is stuck in overdrive.

One thing that I find helpful is purposeful redirection. You can’t stop thinking, as your brain is always active. You can change what you think about. I like to concentrate on positive lessons that I have learned through the week or examining spiritual discussions, I might have heard on the radio or read about.  It does not clear the mind, but it does redirect it.

I find plopping on the couch and watching mindless TV not relaxing because I am often not engaged in the program.  So taking my attention away from work and worry and concentrate on spending quality time with my wife, son, family and friends is a great way to redirect my efforts.

Prayer and meditation are wonderful tools that you can use to reset your mind. I usually do this right before I fall asleep and I rarely cognitively complete as I often slip off into sleep, which I think is a good thing.

Oftentimes, we simply just have too much to do. There is no simple answer other than: prioritizing; realize that you are human; understand that everyone gets only 24 hours a day; and learn to say “no.”  But most of all, just do the best you can and be happy that you did.

I hope that you find calmness in your life, whether it is through meditation, prayer, hot baths, massage or any other method.  Each of us react to activities differently, what completely relaxes one person may just add stress to another.  It is important that you find time to relax, even if it is for a few minutes a day.

So relax and enjoy life because living is what we were meant to do and it is so easy to miss life while trying to survive. Take care, be well and stay safe.

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