Fear of the Water

I like water. I like water that is very warm, in a Jacuzzi tub, with relaxing music and candlelight. I also like cold water to drink. I don’t mind warmed swimming pools as long as I can touch the bottom. I am not a strong swimmer.
Very recently, my wife and I were invited to a cottage by the water. I thought it was the ocean but it was actually Long Island Sound. We were in southern Connecticut. I have not visited ocean like water many times before. I took my children to the Delaware state beaches about 3 times and maybe visited Maryland beaches a couple of times. Even though I was raised not that far from the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, my family did not leave the farm very often. I have never been comfortable around water.
Our hosts at the cottage took us to a private beach. There was only one or two people in the water but lots of people sunning themselves. A child scooped up a jellyfish from the edge of the beach. A responsible adult from the child’s party, ran out to the girl and took the net from her, warning the girl of the danger the jellyfish might pose to her.
Our host dived in and announced that the water was perfect. I built up my courage to approach the shore and move into the water. The water was a bit cool, but what really prevented my entry was the presence of a jellyfish near me, and another about 6 feet beyond that one. A swimmer emerged from the water holding his elbow declaring that he was stung by a little jellyfish. Well, that was more than enough warning for me to stay away from the water.
Am I afraid of the water? Yes. Should I be afraid of the water? Probably not. But this experience certainly did not help me overcome my fears of drowning or injury in the water.
I am glad that so many receive so much enjoyment from frolicking in the water. I enjoy watching them have fun. But as for me, I think I’ll stay on the beach. At least until I build up enough courage to try again.
The cottage was wonderful. Our hosts were wonderful. It was a great weekend. I am thankful that we were invited.

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