What’s Up Doc?

There are very few times that you want to see your doctor. My last visit was one such time. I had gotten blood work done two weeks before. I wanted to know the effects of my low carb, high fat, anti-inflammatory diet on my diagnostic health.

I sat, waiting in the private room for my doctor to appear. He asked if I had blood work done, I said that I did. He began reviewing the records. He said that my blood glucose level was good, it was 100. Even with trying to keep my carbs below 100 grams, mostly successful. I was happy to hear that my fasting glucose was good. The then told me that my Total Cholesterol level as 188, the best in a long time, down from 203 in February. This actually surprised me since I was sure that my total cholesterol level would go up with the saturated fat and eggs that grace my breakfast so very often. I have been trying to get 60% or more of my calories from fat. I have been using olive oil, coconut oil along with butter and animal fat. I was very happy. My HDL cholesterol had increased from 40 to 42. My LDL dropped a little from 135 to 127. My doctor was surprised that my Triglycerides fall to 97 from 136. He was very pleased with my progress. My blood pressure was good 118/84.

My doctor then lifted his brows, almost asking, “You have lost 30 pounds. The last time you were at this weight was 6 years ago.” Then after pausing for a moment, he asked “What have you been doing?” I told him that since I had last seen him, I had been on a low carb – high fat, no nightshades and no grains. He asked, “You mean no breads or cereals?” I answered that yes, it meant no breads or cereals. He asked what my typical breakfast looked like. I told him that it could be bacon or sausage, an egg, sautéed broccoli, 3 oz. of yogurt with 2 teaspoons of ground flax seed and bulletproof coffee. Explaining that bulletproof coffee for me was coffee with a tablespoon of coconut oil melted in it.

I explained to my doctor that I was trying to heal my stomach and that the weight loss was a fortunate side effect of the diet. Being my doctor, he was familiar with the stomach problems that I had been experiencing since last August along with my ongoing joint and muscle pain. I proudly announced that my stomach, although not healed, was feeling much better. I also told him that I had stopped taking three of my prescribed medicines, namely the pain killers and acid reducer. I told him that I wanted to stop taking my other medicines as well.

My doctor was quite pleased with my overall results. I explained to him that this has been a miraculous journey for me, that I now have more energy than I ever had before. He remembered when I had to walk with a cane because of my arthritis and neuropathy, but I assured him that I now walk for miles. I even bragged to him that I went on a 7 mile hike with my son.

He was excited for me and told me he looks forward to seeing my progress in August. I am looking forward to that visit as well. I feel like a new person. I have been given a new chance at an incredible life. Life is precious and fleeting. I do not want to take it for granted ever again. I have found my new medicine – it comes on my plate. What I put into my body matters. Listening to my body is important. Pain is a body’s way of saying something is wrong. Doctors are usually great at treating symptoms of problems, but I think it is more important to go to the root cause. My body speaks and I am listening.

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