For most of us, the stress of work, home and life leaves us tired. Sometimes the stress leaves us exhausted. It is often hard to get motivated when the weight of the world seems so heavy on our shoulders. Stress and fatigue often accompany each other. Not only does stress cause emotional exhaustion but can cause physical exhaustion as well.

There are other reasons for feeling tired. Long hours can certainly make you tired. I often find that long hours of mental work is more tiring for me than long hours of physical work. At least with physical fatigue, you find being tired quite reasonable. However, when you working in front of a computer with stressing mental activities, you do not rest the same. Muscles rest and feel better, but the brain can go into hyper-drive and cause interrupted or unrestful sleep.

Of course lack of sleep can cause you to be tired. I find that lack of sleep is usually the culprit in my tiredness along with stress at work and home. Both medicines and medical issues can cause recurring or constant fatigue. I take medicines that cause drowsiness. I take these at night so those effects actually help me sleep. Chronic pain, like neuropathy or fibromyalgia, can interrupt sleep and cause one to be tired.

My son works an overnight shift and struggles with tiredness. Humans are naturally diurnal. We are naturally affected by the light of day. The dimness of evening actually triggers the release of hormones that help us to sleep.

I hope that you are not tired. I am not continually tired, and for that, I am thankful. But, it has been a long week with lots to do and lots more to do. Work is naturally stressful and home life can be too. Tomorrow, I will wake up, thank the good Lord that I woke up on the right side of the grass and start a new day. I hope that you have an incredible day and a wonderful tomorrow.


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